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Salon Owner, WELLA Certified Master Color Expert

Meet Madi, the proud Salon Owner and WELLA Certified Master Color Expert.

"My roots trace back to an artistic missionary family with a passion for world travel, granting me the privilege to immerse myself in various cultures and pick up a few languages along the way.

As for inspiration, it's everywhere! I'm a positively driven individual, finding creative sparks in absolutely everything.

My favorites include the vibrant world of color, the enchanting allure of crystals, the elemental forces, the poetry of movement, the boundless potential of humanity, and the simple joys of outdoor adventures, camping, and the cool side of the pillow.

When it comes to styling, my top pick is Sebastian's Whipped Cream, the secret ingredient to bringing my visions to life. Specializing in the artistry of color, I've dabbled in every cut and color imaginable, with a hot pink pixie standing out as a personal favorite! 🌈"

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