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Immersing herself in the narratives of those who take a seat in her chair, she finds joy in the diverse textures and color palettes that unfold right in front of her.


Outside the salon, her heart lies with her family and friends, and her interests span from the rhythmic glide of roller skating to the immersive worlds of literature, travel, and education.


Within the realm of hairstyling, her forte lies in precision cuts, crafting natural hues and blonding, as well as seamlessly blending extensions to enhance your locks.


One of her favorite styling secrets? The magic of spray wax – she adores the texture and flexibility it imparts to every look.


As for her own hair journey, she's walked the adventurous path of shaving half her head and embraced the entire spectrum of colors in a beautifully chronological sequence. Each hue tells a story of its own!

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