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Meet Tanner, our accomplished Level 3 Stylist hailing from College Station, TX.

In his world, favorite things include the magic of performing music, the thrill of video games, the excitement of going on adventures, and the joy of connecting with new people.

For styling prowess, his go-to is Sebastian's Whipped Cream, a secret weapon in bringing hairstyles to life.

Specializing in the art of working with curly hair, he finds joy in enhancing and embracing those natural curls and

in the realm of daring cuts and colors, he once rocked an emo cut with an asymmetrical length, cascading dramatically on one side in the front, while daringly shaved on the sides and back.

As for dream clients, he's got his eyes set on Gustav Ahr.

He joined the Moxie team in 2019, and he's here to make your hair dreams a reality!


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